Tapestry Farms

Safe and thriving lives

Embrace and celebrate

A nonprofit social enterprise, Tapestry Farms is a steadfast presence in the lives of refugees who resettle in the Quad Cities. We champion the most vulnerable - those who are single parents, battle serious medical conditions, have little to no family or friends, or did not have the opportunity to acquire literacy in their native language.

Advocate and cheer

The people of Tapestry Farms are recognized as individuals with gifts, resilience, and strength. We advocate for them and cheer them on as they rebuild their lives with quality education and childcare, a safe and affordable home, good medical and mental health care, and the skills needed to achieve economic independence.

Partner and grow

Tapestry Farms partners with a variety of organizations, initiatives, and individuals to offer a holistic approach to bridging the resource gap for refugee in the Quad Cities.

We offer a long welcome for one-five years after resettlement, focused on creating and reaching goals. As a result, resettled refugees will thrive. They will unlock their potential in this new place, while remaining connected to and proud of their culture of origin.