Tapestry Farms

Welcoming The Stranger


Millions displaced

The world is experiencing the worst refugee crisis in recorded history. An unthinkable number of people - 65 million and growing - have been forced to flee their homes because of horrific violence and persecution.

Long journey

Refugees often wait many years to return home or be approved for resettlement. They live in refugee camps, often with strikingly limited access to education, food, water, medical care, and adequate housing.

A new home

The Quad Cities is one of the places refugees are assigned to come and live, part of a nationwide network of cities large and small. Some families who resettle here face significant barriers as they build a new life for themselves and their children.

Dedication and commitment

The first five years of resettlement are often the most difficult. Refugees take on many new tasks: learning daily living skills such as bus riding and grocery shopping, experiencing new foods and a new language, navigating the complexities of government paperwork and rules, seeking medical care and housing, and finding work, schooling, and community.

Hopeful future

Refugees leave their homes seeking safety. They arrive in the United States hoping their children and grandchildren will live lives of prosperity and happiness. Tapestry Farms will give them the space, love, and resources to reach their goals and make their dreams a reality.