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Beyond welcome


Tapestry Farms empowers refugees to connect, contribute, and thrive. We support and encourage as refugees seek work, education, housing, medical and mental health care, and community.

Our core values are: Accompaniment - We walk with refugees as they embark upon their new lives. Encouragement - We recognize, respect, and celebrate the gifts of refugees. Resourceful - We understand and engage the resources available to refugees. Humility - We have a lot to learn about the culture and experiences of refugees. Hope - We long for the day when resettled families find home once again.

The dream

Resilience and strength


The world is experiencing the worst refugee crisis in history. Sixty five million people have been forced to flee their homes because of violence and persecution. They live in refugee camps, often hoping to return home while enduring the complex process to resettle elsewhere.

For those selected for relocation in the U.S., the Quad Cities is one of several resettlement centers. Among our new residents each year are individuals who face significant barriers as they take on the years-long challenge of building a new life.

The need

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